Two Republican Congressman have filed charges of impeachment on the DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan joined Laura Ingraham to explain their move:

 “Really for nine months, we’ve asked for documents. And that’s all we want, are the documents. What we’ve found is not only have subpoenas been ignored, but information has been hidden. The efforts have been stonewalled. I guess for us, it’s all about transparency so the American people can judge for themselves. So they may be able to ignore Congress, but they can’t ignore the American people.”

Meadows and Jordan explained how the DOJ is stonewalling the release of information pertaining to their investigation to get to the bottom of the Trump dossier investigation.

Jordan: “We’ve caught the Department of Justice hiding information, redacting information that they should not have redacted. We know that Rod Rosenstein threatened House Committee Intel staffers, threatened them, chilling impact, when they were trying to do their job, our job of getting, doing the Constitutional oversight we’re supposed to do.”

Jordan says he ‘s tired of the Justice Department “giving them the finger”.  They want information they’ve subpoenaed the DOJ for but have not gotten.

Jordan had the best comment when Ingraham made the point that it had been 122 years since someone in the Executive Branch and been impeached:

“…when was the last time you ever saw the FBI take a disproven document with no credibility, no validity, no corroboration…  take it to a secret court, not tell the court who paid for it, not tell the court that the guy who wrote had been leaking information to the press. When have you ever…and not just once, four stinking times! The last one, Rod Rosenstein signed. So, if that’s not enough to force the action as Gregg talked about, contempt of impeachment, you tell me what is. Tell me what is.”

“Look, we have been this patient — we started this a year ago in July asking for documents. We sending letters last November,”

Meadows went on to say that they could hold Rosenstein in contempt, impeach him or receive the documents.

ACCLAIMED LAWYER AND FORMER US ATTORNEY Joe DiGenova explains why it’s necessary to go after the DOJ’s Rosenstein:



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