Rep. Dan Crenshaw has become a GOP Rock Star during his short time in D.C. He gained notoriety when he was mocked by SNL’s Pete Davidson for wearing an eye patch. Crenshaw famously joined Davidson on SNL where he made good with Davidson in a warm-hearted and funny segment.

Crenshaw went on to win the Congressional election in Texas and hasn’t looked back. He’s plain-spoken and loaded with common sense.

Check out his deconstruction of the Democrat argument on illegal immigration and border security:

Notice how he wastes no time in calling out Democrats for not caring about our sovereignty.

Personel, technology, barriers…You can’t take one away! Crenshaw is right!

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This is one to pass on to people who wonder is walls work.


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U.S. Border Patrol agents are doing what they can to stop the flood of illegals coming across the border. A wall would help! Family units of illegals crossing at the El Paso border point are up 1,689% over last year! How is this NOT an emergency?

The reason we have such a flood of illegals is that the word has gotten back to Central America that illegals will be released into the US because there is no room in detention:

December 26, 2018: HUNDREDS OF ILLEGALS Just Dropped Off By ICE At El Paso Bus Station…2,000 Released By End Of Week!

Also, the red carpet is being rolled out for illegals in El Paso:

Aid for illegals and a welcome center!

The El Paso Border Patrol had their hands full this week when they apprehended several large groups of illegals overnight on Tuesday and Wednesday. The group was mostly Central Americans and unaccompanied minors.

Agents apprehended a group of 112 illegal aliens at the border wall near downtown just after midnight. At about the same time agents working further east were processing a group of 252 aliens apprehended at the border just west of Bowie High School. In just a few hours the total number taken into custody exceeded 500.

A young child was traveling without parents???

An unaccompanied 2-year-old child was also found among one of the groups.

Previously deported sex offenders were also apprehended:

Border Patrol Agents also arrested two convicted sex offenders attempting to enter illegally while the agents were preoccupied with the large groups.  Both sex offenders were arrested in different groups attempting to enter the United States illegally evading Border Patrol agents. Both subjects had been convicted of their sex offenses and had served time in jail before being deported from the United States.

A gang member was arrested and was found to have an outstanding federal warrant:

Agents in far-east El Paso County also arrested a group of six in which a subject, 28-year-old U.S. citizen, self-proclaimed prison gang member, was found to have an outstanding federal warrant for escape.  In addition, the subject has a lengthy criminal record.

Tuesday CBP released data detailing the record number of apprehensions of inadmissible family units border-wide. The data showed the greatest increase in the El Paso Sector where family groups are up 1,689% when compared to the same period last year.

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