REPUBLICAN SENATOR TODD YOUNG OF INDIANA had a big surprise for a snarky Mike Barnicle who asked Young about whether U.S. troops should be serving on the southern border over the holidays:

“Senator, I would like your view on troop deployments, troop deployments here in the United States. We have thousands of soldiers and marines along the border that come from Camp Pendleton, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, all over the country, It looks like they were there for weeks and weeks to come. They’re eating MREs on Thanksgiving Day. They’re going to be away from their families again on the Christmas holiday. Your view on that troop deployment?”


“I am only smiling because I was deployed as a United States marine on the southern border of the United States. I worked for an unmanned aerial vehicle squadron in the Marine Corps. We were charged with, among other things, coming up with new doctrine to figure out how to secure our southern border. So this is not unprecedented, to use the military, especially the United States Marines in ways that the president would direct.”

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If you’ve seen the latest reports from our border, you know it’s important to have troops there.

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