Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants Republicans to stop pursuing impeachment of Joe Biden.

McConnell, 81, told The New York Times that he wants to end the ‘impeachment cycle’ started by Democrats during President Trump’s term.

Although there’s ample evidence Joe Biden sold out the American people, McConnell wants to bury his head in the sand.

“I said two years ago, when we had not one but two impeachments, that once we go down this path it incentivizes the other side to do the same thing,” McConnell said.

“This is not good for the country,” he added.


Joe Biden being president is not good for the country.

His administration has wreaked havoc on the lives of working-class Americans.

However, congressional Republicans love being the do-nothing party.

They’ll allow authoritarians to trample the rights of Americans and shrug their shoulders.

The overwhelming majority of Republicans are useless, like McConnell.

Breitbart reports:

Republicans have been stepping up calls to impeach President Joe Biden for his alleged involvement in his son Hunter’s pay-for-play schemes with foreign governments. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has signaled his willingness to open impeachment proceedings.

“I think there’s enough proof out there that this Biden family needs to come forward and show there wasn’t a pay-to-play,” McCarthy said recently.

McCarthy further said that impeachment “empowers Congress, Republicans and Democrats of their committee, to be able to get the information if somebody fights from providing it to them.”

If McConnell needed further proof of Biden’s corruption, the House Oversight Committee released a bank records memorandum identifying $20 million in payments from foreign sources to the Bidens and their associates.

Biden Bank Records Show $20 MILLION In Payments From Foreign Sources

Yet, McConnell says, “impeachment ought to be rare.”

Many Republicans don’t share the same sentiment.

McConnell, the longest-serving senator in Kentucky’s history, continues to show he’s a Uniparty member who doesn’t uphold his oath to the people.

The Kentucky lawmaker met fierce criticism and calls to retire at the state’s premier political event last weekend.

(WATCH) Kentucky Crowd Relentlessly Heckles Mitch McConnell, Chant “RETIRE”

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