The one-state wonder sides with the Left on a number of issues from his views on gay marriage, his flip-flopping on gun control to his support for Communist Common Core. Sheriff Clarke has now unearthed a video showing us the anti-cop side of Governor John Katich.

Most of us have been pulled over by law enforcement and many of us have been frustrated after receiving a ticket we didn’t think we deserved. We’re not all governor’s however, and we don’t stand up in front of a crowd where we likely have some influence, and call law enforcement officers “idiots.”

Too bad this video wasn’t exposed before he narrowly won his home state of Ohio.

“Have you ever been stopped by a police officer that’s an idiot?”

“He’s an idiot! You just can’t act that way. And what people resent is people who are in the government who don’t treat the client (client?) with respect.” 

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Who knew that the person being pulled over by the police for potentially breaking the law is considered a “client?”

Here is the original Tweet from the awesome Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke:

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