With friends like Mitch McConnell in the Republican Party, who needs enemies?

Earlier this week, we reported about how Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R), who voted to impeach Trump, is projected to lose the seat she’s held for two decades to Trump-backed challenger Kelly Tshibaka in the 2022 election. Incumbent Sen. Murkowski has held her seat since 2002 and is ranked as the second most liberal Republican senator.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (left) and Kelly Tshibaka (right)

According to the election forecaster FiveThirtyEight, there is a 99% chance of a Republican winning Alaska’s senate election and a 53% chance of Tshibaka taking Murkowski’s seat.

Here’s Tshibaka’s latest ad:

Meanwhile, millions have been spent by Murkowski’s supporters on ads attacking Tshibaka.

Despite the massive amount of capital being spent on smear campaigns, support for GOP Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka doesn’t seem to be faltering within the GOP.


The latest ad, titled “kill shot,” that attacks Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka is being funded by none other than the RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate Majority Leadership Fund.

MustReadAlaska reports – The ad attacking the Republican candidate who will likely defeat the incumbent liberal Senator makes it appear that Tshibaka actually confesses to committing fraud when she was employed by the federal government. It’s a lie, but this is McConnell’s attempt to prop up Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and this is, after all, October, the witching month when the worst of the political ads hit the airwaves.

“Mitch McConnell has obviously decided he prefers a senator who is a more dependable vote for Joe Biden than anything else. In doing that, he’s ignoring the official position of the Alaska Republican Party, which is that Lisa Murkowski has to go. These ads attacking Kelly Tshibaka are an attempt to override the views of tens of thousands of Alaska Republicans,” said Mary Ann Pruitt, consultant to the campaign.

“This is a dark money ad full of lies. Kelly Tshibaka’s job was to keep federal employees honest, and some of them filed complaints against her in retaliation. Following a full investigation, she was exonerated and was, in fact, subsequently promoted, proving how ridiculous this ad is,” Pruitt said.

“After 21 years in the Senate, Lisa Murkowski knows Alaskans can see that she’s become too liberal and sides with the D.C. insiders over Alaska residents. And her D.C. pals are coming to her defense with smear tactics like this dishonest, negative attack ad. Murkowski always tells us that she’s against dark money — except when it’s being spent to benefit her,” Pruitt said.


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