Warning: this one is very graphic.

In fact, I’ve never quite seen anything like it when it comes to a “bruise”.

If you are squeamish you might want to tune out right now.

Gordon Ramsey posted this video yesterday on Father’s Day to update the world about his biking injury and to raise awareness for wearing a biking helmet — no matter how short or casual the ride may feel.

Collin Rugg reports:

NEW: Gordon Ramsey says he is “lucky to be here” after suffering from a bike crash, shows his torso which is black.

“You know how much I love cycling and triathlons and Ironman… This week, unfortunately, I had a really bad accident and it really shook me.”

“I’m lucky to be here now from those incredible trauma surgeons, doctors, nurses in the hospital that looked after me this week.”

“But honestly, you’ve got to wear a helmet. I don’t care how short the journey is, I don’t care.”

“You know the fact that these helmets cost money, but they’re crucial, even with the kids, a short journey.”

“They’ve gotta wear a helmet. Now, I’m lucky to be standing here. I’m in pain. It’s been a brutal week and I’m sort of getting through it. But I cannot tell you the importance of wearing a helmet.”

Backup video here if needed:

A lot of people are claiming it’s not real….

Or that something else is going on here:

Look, I have no idea so I just have to take him at his word.

But two things did jump out at me….

One is his hand really seems to be shaking in the video.

I don’t watch a lot of Gordon Ramsey so I’m not sure if that’s normal for him, or if he was really nervous about something, or if that’s a lingering effect from the injury.

Second, I’ve never seen a bruise that big or that bad — on someone who is otherwise standing up the next day and otherwise seems to be fine.

No broken bones, no casts, no internal injuries….which is all great news and so happy to see it, but it does seem a little incongruent.

Again, I’m not claiming there’s anything nefarious here, but I have never seen that level of bruising over the entire torso on someone who is otherwise seemingly fine.

Quite strange.

Very lucky to be alive!

He credits the helmet with saving his life:

Zoom in:

I’m glad he is ok!

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