Nordstrom went political with a recent letter sent out regarding immigration and President Trump’s effort to keep Americans safe from terror:

The presidents of Nordstrom sent an email criticizing President Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations entering the United States just days before the retail giant dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line:


In the note, brothers Peter, Erik, and Blake Nordstrom told employees of the company that they would do all they could to help those who might be impacted by the ban while celebrating the many things the immigrant community have contributed to the retailer over the years.

The Nordstrom brothers also pointed out that the company was founded by an immigrants, their great grandfather John.

Two days later, the Seattle-based retailer announced that they would no longer be carrying Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.

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The left had also organized an effort to harm the Ivanka Trump brand months ago by pushing retailers to drop her.
While sales of the Ivanka Trump brand have risen about 32%, the effort to tarnish the brand succeeded with the petty effort from the group “Grab Your Wallet”. Nordstrom dropped Ivanka and it was most certainly a political move.
Judge Jeanine is as FED UP as we are with the childish and hateful treatment of a woman who should be celebrated by the so-called feminists. She let ’em have it:

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