The confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee, is underway today and it started off with quite a bang followed by nonsense, more nonsense, some other nonsense, then one epic prank that made every liberal wearing a tin hat look like a gullible dolt.

The hearings started off with some protesters who love living la Vida Loca, protesting because they must not have work today. Or maybe they’re paid protesters found on Craigslist or paid off by some Democrat connected to George Soros. I don’t really play into the whole Soros nonsense, but either way – protesters showing up on a Tuesday instead of going to work seems a bit odd. The protesters were dressed like handmaids, but they really looked like dogs who just got out of surgery.

A Muslim activist named Linda Sarsour was arrested because she was acting like a screaming toddler. I believe that would be called disorderly conduct when you’re an adult who is expected to act respectfully in a specific setting. Unhinged, yes. Useful, no. We don’t see this “activist” pressing for equal rights for women over in Iran where they would execute her for talking out of term. Here she just gets arrested, something she’s good at, and maybe slapped with a fine instead of a stick.

At some point today Brett Kavanaugh had to get up and walk away from a man who was trying to shake his hand. His name is Fred Guttenberg and he lost his daughter during the Parkland shooting. A terrible tragedy indeed, but the man kinda broke towards Kavanaugh in an awkward way, while he wasn’t supposed to, and it looks like Kavanaugh is kinda freaked out like “what the heck are you doing?”

Leftists turned this into a nonsensical story stating that Kavanaugh dissed him and turned his back on a Parkland victim. That’s not true at all. Kavanaugh was moving away from a guy who approached him when he should have been sitting down. How does Kavanaugh know if this man isn’t armed or has a knife or some other weapon or chemical? He doesn’t know and after all the shenanigans going on today, he had every right to back up and assess the situation. Protesters, arrests, and other embarrassing incidents from adults going on should make anyone a little skeptical at a guy who randomly approaches you. I’d be worried that he didn’t wash his hands after using the restroom.

One of the greatest moments of today, besides the fact that Kavanaugh will become part of the Supreme Court, was totally unexpected and involves Zina Bash.

Zina Bash has become an Internet star today and I’m not sure if she even meant to do this. For starters, she was sitting behind Kavanaugh, to his left (our right) and was apparently giving some smirks and smug looks when Democrats were speaking. People were crying about her on social media. Seriously folks, they were literally whining about a woman making smirks. Come on already.

But then she did something that set people off like crazy and proved how gullible and idiotic people really were.

I don’t know if it was on purpose or totally accidental or if she was picking her nails, but she gave the OK symbol on her hand and left it there long enough to get on camera.

People freaked out over Zina Bash giving the OK symbol. I’m not even kidding you.

The OK symbol is also the same symbol that kids use when they’re playing the “circle game” and it’s something that elementary kids up until adulthood have often done. It’s mostly played by boys. The premise is that if you look at someone’s circle, then they get to punch you in the arm. It’s totally childish, but it’s sometimes funny, and it’s one of those silly games that boys play.

That makes sense, right? GOT YA!!! That’s what kids think when they do this game to each other. If Zina was doing this on purpose, it’s likely what she was thinking.

However, she’s getting called a white power racist for it because liberals were tricked into thinking the OK symbol was a hate speech kinda thing. Dumb right? Tell me about it.


The liberals were fooled into thinking that the OK symbol means “white power.” No seriously. That really happened. A group of people from 4Chan pranked the world by saying that the OK symbol stood for “white power” and the liberals took it seriously because they are two things 1) the most gullible people you can ever find, and 2) after finding out it was a prank, they still acting like it was for “white power” because it pushed their narrative, even though their narrative is completely fake news. Put it this way, we’re talking about a group of people who believe there are more than two genders, so obviously they will believe anything.

Zina Bash is now being touted as a white supremacist on social media because she was seen on video making the OK symbol, a non-racial hand gesture. Let that sink in.

The unhinged and delusional liberals are at it again. They are spamming social media talking about Zina Bash as holding up the “white power” sign, but here’s the kicker – everyone knows it’s fake news. Everyone else is laughing and saying things like “that’s just the OK symbol” or “that’s not racist, but nice try” or “everyone knows that’s a kid game and not racist” and it’s absolutely hilarious.

We are watching liberals have meltdowns because they were not smart enough to understand a prank by 4chan.

Any liberal who knows that the OK symbol is clearly not racist is either hiding in the Homer Simpson Bush or going along with it because now they have to double down on their stupidity.

Look at this lady Amy Siskind who claims to be a former Wall St. executive. Is this chick serious? TOTALLY UNHINGED!! Blue checkmark? You betcha!!

What is 4chan? An anonymous board where you can chat, post pics and locate mysterious flags hidden by Shia Labeouf. They made the prank that pretended the OK symbol is racist and liberals everywhere fell for it.

Who is Zina Bash? She’s a rich attractive woman who worked on the Trump administration in immigration. Now she’s the hot lady sitting behind Kavanaugh making funny smirks at Democrats and trolling the liberals with a well-known prank.

Zina Bash won the Internet today.


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