Chris Cuomo and so many others sound very disappointed that President Trump recovered so quickly from the coronavirus. Unfortunately for the media, the president came back roaring today. He left the hospital and went straight up the stairs to the White House to salute. It was a great moment for anyone who loves America and our president and anyone with a caring heart. That leaves out the hateful media and Democrats who have harassed and slandered President Trump from the beginning.

Chris Cuomo is like so many others in the media who can’t see the truth through their hatred. If Cuomo had been thinking clearly, he would have thought back to when he made the huge deal of when he emerged from his basement after his coronavirus illness was over. It was later revealed that Cuomo staged the moment because he had already broken quarantine:

“Flashback to April when Cuomo played a dramatic clip of him leaving his basement after supposedly being cleared of coronavirus but had already broken quarantine and got into an altercation with a biker.”

A very wise person at The Daily Caller produced a video called ‘Chris Cuomo meet Chris Cuomo’

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