Brit Hume tweeted out a post of Joe Biden in a 1998 video warning that the impeachment of a president could be questioned as a “partisan lynching.”

Hume said: “This lynching controversy is so stupid I was going to just ignore it. But this puts it in perspective.”

The media certainly hasn’t ignored the fact that President Trump called the effort to impeach him a “lynching.” He was immediately attacked for using the word. Apparently, Democrats are the only ones allowed to use the word “lynching.”

Here’s Joe Biden in 1998 saying the effort to impeach Clinton could be questioned as a “partisan lynching”…

Joe Biden in 1998: “Even if the President should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching…”

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Twitter is abuzz about this video because of what Biden said and because of the not-so-subtle plastic surgery Uncle Joe has had since then. Is he even the same person?

And then there’s this gem:

“At least 5 House Democrats called Bill Clinton’s impeachment a ‘lynching’ in 1998.”


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