Texas Governor Greg Abbott Revealed that an anonymous donor has provided $175k to cover funeral costs for all Uvalde victims

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced on Friday that an anonymous donor has offered $175,000 to cover the costs of funerals for all of the victims of the tragic Uvalde elementary school shooting.

At a press conference on Friday, Abbott announced that the costs would all be “taken care of” due to an anonymous donor.

Governor Greg Abbott in a press conference regarding the shooting

“An anonymous donor who attended the meeting and provided $175,000 to ensure that every cost of every family concerning anything about funeral services is going to be taken care of,” Abbott said. “No family who is suffering from incalculable heartbreak at this time will have to worry about a single cost with regard to anything concerning this travesty.'”

Although Abbott has given no clues as to who the donor is, some speculate that it could be Elon Musk, who now lives in Austin, Texas.

Governor Abbott has also extended an offer of free mental health services to anyone who may benefit from them living within the community, stating that “we just want you to ask for them.”

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Abbott, although initially supportive of law enforcement’s efforts, has since expressed his frustrations–the same shared by many–over the subpar response given to the situation and over being misled by false information initially told to him and released to the public by said law enforcement.

As more information has come out, it came to light that nearly 20 police officers were waiting in the school’s hallways for a considerable amount of time before federal agents finally defied local law enforcement’s orders and entered the classroom to neutralize the shooter.

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This devastating tragedy requires all of the help and consideration available, including the free mental health services and a donation covering funeral costs have already been offered. Now is a time to come together and heal for the community of Uvalde, the state of Texas, and the United States.

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