Thanks to executive orders by overreaching Democrat governors, restaurants that aren’t equipped to do carry-out only orders, have been shut down for months. In addition to many restaurants being forced to permanently close their doors, aggressive rats that previously fed on scraps and leftover food in dumpsters from the restaurants are becoming a problem. The rats are reportedly now turning on each other in acts of cannibalism. Many are moving into residential areas surrounding restaurants, looking for food.

MLive reports – Health departments in densely populated areas are reporting an increase in “unusual or aggressive rodent behavior.”

In a memo sent out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health officials say that rodents, especially those in large cities, rely on food and waste generated by restaurants for food.

The Columbus Dispatch reports – Environmental and health officials might witness an increase in service requests amid reports of “unusual or aggressive rodent behavior.”

Rats have even resorted to cannibalism and infanticide, such as in the restaurant mecca of New York City, according to some reports.

“They’re mammals just like you and I, and so when you’re really, really hungry, you’re not going to act the same. You’re going to act very bad, usually,” Bobby Corrigan, an urban rodentologist, told NBC News. “So these rats are fighting with one another, now the adults are killing the young in the nest and cannibalizing the pups.”

New Orleans has seen packs of rats surging into city streets.

“I turn the corner, there’s about 30 rats at the corner, feasting on something in the middle of the street,” Charles Marsala of New Orleans Insider Tours and AWE News told CBS News.

Pest control workers in some cities are classified as essential employees. The nation’s capital has logged more than 800 calls regarding rodents in the past month, according to city 311 data cited by The Washington Post.

Communities are right to be wary: Rats and mice can directly or indirectly transmit more than 35 diseases, according to the CDC.

Residents and business owners should eliminate conditions that would attract rats, the CDC said, by sealing access points to buildings, discarding debris and heavy vegetation, keeping garbage in tightly covered bins, and removing pet and bird food from yards.

The CDC warns that after businesses reopen, they should look for an increase in the rat population.

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