Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) says the government is “hiding evidence” that could exonerate some of the Jan. 6 prisoners. Many suffer in jail without trials or bond in subhuman conditions.

Two Jan. 6 attorneys are claiming that evidence to arrest and incarcerate people is being manufactured by the Government, according to The Epoch Times.

This is not the first time manufactured evidence supporting Democrat allegations in a legal proceeding has been produced.

The Steele dossier, funded by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DNC to obtain a warrant to spy on Carter Page, a Trump volunteer, was a ploy to try to harm Trump’s campaign. Yet the dossier turned out to be a stockpile of false allegations, wasting taxpayer money and causing further distrust in the US government.

During a 2019 Intelligence Committee hearing, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) read a made-up manuscript of a phone call that was said to have taken place between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. After proven false, Schiff claimed it “was a parody.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) used a photoshopped version of a Trump re-tweet about supporters “fighting” for the country to make it seem worse while trying to impeach the president the first time.


Dishonesty and creating misinformation seem to be a rite of passage for Democrat leaders. Yet every day, Americans are tired of the lies and corruption at work in our government. And they are tired of not seeing evidence that January 6 prisoners are guilty.

Joseph McBride, an attorney representing several prisoners, told The Epoch Times, “I’m probably the most outspoken attorney in the United States of America who is representing January 6 defendants” and that the government is “manipulating evidence”.

“You are not allowed to punish a pre-trial detainee in the United States of America because you are innocent until proven guilty,” McBride stated. “It is only after you have been convicted of a crime or plead through a crime that you can be punished for a crime. Punishment for a crime is deprivation of freedom. … My clients and others like them have been brutally assaulted.”

“They’ve been locked away in cells for months at a time. They’ve been denied medical care and have had their human rights, their civil rights, and their constitutional rights violated by the staff at the D.C. gulag, by the staff at the Northern Neck jail because they have been green-lighted by the Biden machine to harm anybody who showed up at the Capitol on January 6 to speak out about the election results. It is unconstitutional. It is immoral. It is un-American. It is wrong.”

Mcbride added that the government is using detailed and lengthy affidavits, which is “much different than your normal cases, and they’re front-loading these complaints with facts that aren’t proven, and these allegations are subsequently being weaponized in the court of public opinion.”
Bill Shipley, another attorney, is equally convinced that evidence is being manufactured. He has inquired about questionable video footage and photos being used to convict his clients that do not reflect the claims being made.
Capitol security cameras recorded 14,000 hours of surveillance video that has been withheld under “sovereign immunity”. “We still can’t get all of the videotapes,” Rep Gohmert said. The evidence could be used to defend those who have been charged and jailed.
Gohmert took to social media to condemn how poorly the J6 defendants have been treated.

“They continue to hide that information,” Gohmert said. “As every lawyer knows who has dealt with any criminal case, it’s been a Constitutional requirement for the Supreme Court for decades, if you have evidence that’s of an exonerating nature for the defendant, you have to turn that over.”




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