Walking out into the heat and haze of the lights at Frank Brown Park, Governor DeSantis gets the rock star treatment by an appreciative crowd.

Mr. DeSantis took to the stage saying, “I am proud that Florida is hosting the largest concert
since the pandemic began, right here in Panama City Beach.” “And the only reason we’re doing
that is because Florida chose freedom over Fauci-ism.”


The enthusiastic crowd had much to be grateful for. Under Governor DeSantis’s leadership, Florida was one of the first states to open up after the start of the pandemic. It is the third-largest state by population and in the top 3 of the nation’s largest in sheer numbers of elderly citizens. Yet Mr. DeSantis was able to guide Florida through the Covid disaster, avoiding the devastating mistakes made by most of the blue state governors.

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Kyle Morris tweeted, “Florida’s three-day Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam over the weekend was one of the largest in-person concert gatherings held since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Another poster tweeted, “Florida is the place! Ron DeSantis is the man!”

As I sit at my desk, with a red heart in a blue state, I can attest to that sentiment.

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