Can you believe it? Jerry Springer is considering a run for governor of his home state of Ohio. He’s one of 4 candidates that would be in the running. No surprise…he’s a Democrat…they can have him!


‘He’s about done figuring it out, but he had to give some serious thought to it first.’
Speculation has been occurring for months, with Springer even going so far as to deny claims of his political return.

Allegedly, the prospect got closer to reality just last week when the TV-host asked Cleveland Democrats ‘Is it too late to enter the Ohio governor’s race?’

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Specifically, Springer wanted input from Senator Sandra Williams, a leader in the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party and Democratic Representatives Janine Boyd and Stephanie Howse.
He has been meeting with consultants and assessing crowded gubernatorial race.
‘I don’t think it’s too late for him to get into the race,’ Williams said.
Galvin added that Springer would decide in the next two weeks.
Endorsements for the four current candidates have been held by many unions and Democratic leaders until the final list is named. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rich Cordray may be an additional candidate in the race.

Springer made a comment about President Trump last year saying if he ran he would be like Trump without the racism. The problem is that Trump isn’t a racist…Springer’s a loser!

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