William Barr is getting a grilling on Capitol Hill during Senate hearings for his confirmation as Attorney General.

The usual grandstanding took place with Senators like Richard Blumenthal huffing and puffing about this and that. It’s a case of each of the Senators trying to get their soundbite on the evening news.

The best moment of the day or even the month has to be one caught on camera and published on Reuters.

The 8-year-old grandson of William Barr wrote heartwarming notes to his “Grandpa” that will melt your heart.

Barr’s grandson, Liam Daly, had a pad of paper he wrote on and then the note was captured by a photographer:

“Dear Grandpa, I love you so much. You are doing great so far. But I know you still will. I am having so much fun. Love Liam.”

“PS I think Russia’s people are fine. It is the government that is the problem.”

It puts a human face on the entire process.

In the end, Barr held his own during the hearings. Liam’s grandpa will be confirmed.


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