Michael Brown also attacked an innocent man who tried to stop him from stealing from his store only hours before his death. If his mother was asked to speak at the DNC, why weren’t the mothers of the thugs in this video invited to speak? What difference does it make? If the Democrats are so hell-bent on pointing out police brutality against Blacks, why don’t they point out the violence they commit against each other in their own neighborhoods? Who will address the real crisis the Black community is facing? When will the police stop coming into these neighborhoods?

A Memphis ice cream truck driver is thankful to be alive after he was robbed, beaten and left for dead.

ice cream man

Mamadou Bah know has a broken arm. His other one is badly bruised and he has a black eye. The 52-year-old told FOX13 he did nothing wrong, and he wants justice.

“They tried to rob me. They took my money and beat me,” Bah said.

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The suspects attacked the ice cream truck driver with what appeared to be a metal bat. They then punched and kicked him until he collapsed on the ground.


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Via: Fox13Memphis

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