Sean Spicer was asked during a Washington Post interview,  which White House reporters “did good work”. He was able to rattle off eight names and then said, “I’m missing a bunch, for sure.” Spicer was then asked if he forgot to include anyone from CNN who did good work during his time in the White House…


Spicer gave the best answer ever…“Oh, no”  

We have to agree that the CNN correspondents have had it out for President Trump from day one. This is also  a dig at  combative WH correspondent Jim Acosta. How could we forget the exchanges with Acosta! A bulldog!

CNN’s Jim Acosta keeps trolling President Trump and keeps making a total fool of himself! The latest moment was after signing a trade bill when Acosta asked why the president didn’t hold a press conference…Trump’s response is priceless!


We wish President Trump could clone SENIOR ADVISOR Stephen Miller! He’s so brilliant and knows immigration like no other! We can’t say the same for the White House Press Corp! The Trump administration made some positive announcements on immigration and the left went nuts! Miller got the best of them!


Fox News reported:

Trump and Acosta have famously traded jabs since the president called Acosta “fake news” during a press conference earlier this year. If Spicer was going to compliment anyone from CNN, it would presumably have been the reporter he dealt with on a regular basis — but the former press secretary failed to mention Acosta when he had the chance.

Acosta comes off as combative toward the White House on a regular basis and some insiders feel his grandstanding was one reason press briefings weren’t televised over an extended period this summer. In addition to Trump and Spicer, Acosta sparred with White House adviser Stephen Miller last month over the administration’s immigration policy. Miller famously accused the CNN reporter of having a “cosmopolitan bias.”

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