Oh Lord! It’s not enough to scrub anything to do with white men like Thomas Jefferson…now great art must be purged:

A New York City man has reportedly sued the Metropolitan Museum of Art for housing four “offensive” and “racist” masterpiece paintings that depict Jesus as white and blond.

Justin Renel Joseph, 33, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court alleging that four of the museum’s paintings by Italian masters — “The Holy Family with Angels” by Sebastiano Ricci; “The Resurrection” by Perugino; “The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes” by Tintoretto; and “The Crucifixion” by Francesco Granacci — are guilty of “offensive aesthetic whitewashing” of Jesus, who the man claims had “black hair like wool and skin of bronze color.”

“The implication that someone who possesses physical features like the plaintiff could not be the important historical and public figure of Jesus Christ . . . caused the plaintiff to feel, among other things, rejected and unaccepted by society,” the complaint says, according to the New York Post.

Joseph said the paintings caused him “personal stress” and said the Met housing the paintings represented “an extreme case of discrimination.”

“They completely changed his race to make him more aesthetically pleasing for white people,” Joseph told the paper. “I’m suing a public venue which by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can’t discriminate on a protected basis.”

Decades later, demons continue to fly out of the Pandora’s box of that profoundly misguided piece of legislation, which denies Americans the fundamental right of free association, and which laid the groundwork for politically correct totalitarianism with its implications for every conceivable aspect of life.

Hopefully we have not deteriorated to the point where this suit could succeed quite yet. Joseph might have to try his luck again a few years down the road, when no doubt he will be rewarded with a generous jackpot to compensate him for his pain and suffering.

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