WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA! It’s even better that they’re asking their fellow Muslim students to take part in this effort to protest the human rights violations of ISIS. All Muslims should denounce the terror group. Wouldn’t this be a great movement to start all over America?

Students at the University of Missouri-Columbia are holding an Islamic State flag-burning demonstration on Thursday in response to the terror group’s gross human-rights violations.

“ISIS has violated the liberties and freedoms of millions of people through genocide, deadly religious persecutions, modern-day enslavement, sexual violence, use of a chemical weapon, beheadings and mass executions,” the student group Young Americans for Liberty stated in announcing the event, the College Fix reported.
The afternoon demonstration will include “a moment of silence for the estimated 250,000 plus murdered by ISIS, followed by brief speeches and will conclude with the burning of the ISIS flag,” the statement said.

The group’s president, political science major Ian Paris, said several other religious and political organizations have also expressed an interest in taking part in Thursday’s event. He said organizers have reached out to Muslim students on campus to get involved, the College Fix reported.

“I consider it a very wholesome religion,” he said of Islam. “It’s not mine in particular, but I am filled with regret and sadness when people around me associate Islam with ISIS. ISIS has perverted and distorted the true values of Islam, which I consider one of the greatest atrocities they have committed.”

Mr. Paris said a request for an “open flame permit,” which also sought permission to host a “general rally,” was approved by campus officials, the College Fix reported.

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