What a great idea! Everyone in the town came together and put white sheets up to block the Westboro crazies from interrupting the funeral of Police Officer Kerrie Orozco. Bravo! This should be done every time they protest at a funeral. Great job!

Representatives of the conservative Westboro Baptist Church were greeted by a large group of locals in Omaha, Nebraska, who stood together to form a barricade between the church members and the funeral of slain Police Officer Kerrie Orozco to stop them from protesting the service.


Katie Kielion, the daughter of a retired police officer, organized the group of around 100 who showed up dressed in blue to show their support to the murdered police officer.

Orozco was gunned down in the line of duty last week, right before starting maternity leave to take care of her premature baby who was coming home from the hospital. The baby was born in February, but Orozco had put off maternity leave until the baby was able to go home.

The Westboro Baptist Church is known for picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers and police officers, but when word got out it was planning to come to Orozco’s funeral, Kielion decided she couldn’t let the service be interrupted by hate.

“Everybody just came together,” Kielion, 33, told Omaha.com. “Everybody wanted to help. Our purpose was to hide the hate and show the love, and that’s what happened.”


Around 100 people showed up wearing blue and held up signs to stop the protest group from getting near the funeral.

“We’re all in this together,” counter protester Josh Swafford said. “Everyone should be able to grieve in peace.”

Orozco was reportedly scheduled to pick up her daughter from the hospital to bring her home the day after she was killed. The suspect, 26-year-old Marcus Wheeler, also died of injuries sustained in an exchange of gunfire between the two.

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