Concerned citizens have been sending e-mails to the State Department in an effort to stop the refugee resettlement program. The program became a scam under Obama when we saw thousands of Muslims resettled in towns across America. One of the letters hit home and speaks to the devastation of small towns. Thank you Sue in Kansas for this great letter!

From Sue:

To: U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration

The U.S. Refugee Admission Program is out of control. It wreaks havoc on local communities – economically, socially and culturally. The program favors Islamic peoples and others that have no respect for our customs, laws or citizens.

We the people; we the taxpayers are funding these programs. It is our hard earned money that is used to bring in thousands of immigrants at a time when our country’s economy is at a breaking point. The immigrants, not Americans, are given preferential treatment at every turn – housing, education, medical assistance, food and employment.

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There are factions of these groups of people that are violent – towards each other and everyone else. Domestic abuse is not uncommon and that spills out into our communities in the form of rapes and murders against women and children. Strict and time consuming protocols tie the hands of our police on all the federal, state and local levels. Criminals go unpunished. If they are deported, they make their way back into our country because the system is broken.

Each and every immigrant needs to be thoroughly vetted before being allowed into our country. The program, as it is now, is run more like a cattle business. Immigrants are treated like cash cows by the local contractors which have made a business of raking in federal dollars for their non-profit programs. This is detrimental to many immigrants as well as to the local communities. The immigrants receive a crash course in how to survive in America and then are cast out into the community. Is it no wonder that some will turn to theft, drugs and other crime to try and survive?

Professional immigrants are also given preferential treatment. Foreign doctors, scientists and other professionals are recruited into hospitals, research institutions and business. They can bypass the strict requirements our own college students must abide by. How can American students fairly compete within this infrastructure?

Public schools, colleges and universities are not immune to the lure of federal dollars to accommodate foreign born students. Rather than teach foreign grade school children about our country’s history and culture, in many cases, the opposite is happening. Our children are taught and indoctrinated into foreign cultural beliefs. At a time when Christian values and faith are mocked and denigrated, Islam is being promoted as a religion of peace. Make no mistake, I support clear, unbiased education. Let the facts speak for themselves, but how can this happen when Islam mandates a political correctness for themselves and not for all others?

Throughout American history, immigrants have assimilated peacefully into our culture. They became Americans. The Islamic Nation will never assimilate into our culture but instead, will expect Americans to be dominated by their customs and laws. We cannot allow this to happen.

Books have been written about the immigration problems facing our country. Numerous articles, research and statistics are available that are beyond the scope of this comment section. More public input is necessary to work through the many problems that plague this program and are detrimental to our nation. Checks and balances, outside the government agencies, are necessary. If the system cannot be fixed to the satisfaction of the American people; perhaps it should be dismantled. The money could be better spent on helping our own citizens who are in dire need of it.

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