Some great news for anyone who is pro-life!

It appears as though President Trump’s move to appoint 7 justices to the 9th Circuit is having an effect.

The Free Beacon is reporting that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will allow a Trump administration ban on Title X funding for abortion providers to go into effect on Thursday after abortion advocates and a group of states sought an emergency stay for the policy. The administration’s policy would prevent abortion providers from obtaining federal funding.

The panel’s decision came a few months after an Oregon judge issued a nation-wide preliminary injunction preventing the ban from taking place.

In an order released Thursday, the Ninth Circuit voted 7-4 to reaffirm the three-judge panel decision made on June 20.

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“Until further order of the Court, no further briefing is required of the parties for the en banc court’s reconsideration of the three-judge panel order. The briefing schedule established for the merits appeal shall remain as originally ordered,” stated the order.

This decision requires health care clinics to be physically and financially separate from abortion clinics and forbids clinics that receive federal funding from recommending patients pursue abortions.

Of course, Dem leader Nancy Pelosi made a false claim that the Trump administration has “utter disdain for women’s health & women’s rights”:

Planned Parenthood tweeted out that this move is “devastating”:

“The Ninth Circuit just refused to block the Title X gag rule, meaning it can go into effect and endanger birth control … and other essential care for millions. This is devastating…Know that we won’t stop fighting for the millions of people who get care through Title X and we will not allow the government to censor our doctors and nurses from doing their jobs.”


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