First Lady Melania Trump has been stealing the spotlight from just about everyone on the Middle East trip. From the beginning of the trip to Saudi Arabia to today’s visit to Israel, Melania has been appropriate and so stylish.
Someone di their homework because the jumpsuit Melania wore to is popular in Saudi Arabia. Great move! She was herself but paid respects by dressing modestly.
The gown she wore to dinner was stunning!

The first lady wore a khaki suit to visit a school:


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President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Israel to promote and negotiate peace in the region. Melania Trump continued to knock it out of the park in the fashion category. She got rave reviews in the Saudi press for her appropriate and beautiful style. She kept it up when she arrived in Israel wearing a white Michael Kors belted suit:

The visit to Saudi Arabia has been given very positive reviews from the press except for a few nit picky things. It helps that the Saudis have a common enemy with us…Iran is a mutual foe.

As the First Family and entourage arrive in Israel, it’s hoped that the Israelis and Palestinians can come to a peaceful agreement of some sort. If anyone can do it, it’s Trump.



“There is a great opportunity for peace in the Middle East.”

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