What the heck is the Planned Parenthood baby killer doing at a Catholic University? Cecile Richards is fine with aborting babies and then selling their parts for profit. Why would Catholics approve of her speaking there?

Cecile Richards approves of baby harvesting like the quote below from an abortionist explains in horrific detail:CgWrqT2UIAAaQMB

Anti-abortion activists and Georgetown University students railed against an appearance by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards at the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university Wednesday.

Students from anti-abortion campus group Georgetown Right to Life and pro-life advocates from on and off campus criticized the university for allowing the pro-choice activist to appear on campus.

“Her message is so contrary to our Georgetown values and the dignity of each human life,” said Georgetown Right to Life President Michael Khan

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“It seems as if Georgetown is endorsing this speech by Cecile Richards, where she was given such a significant platform on campus, so our goal today was to provide a stark contrast to that, to uphold the values of human dignity that should animate out university as as Jesuit school,” Khan said.

Georgetown University refuted this, claiming “an appearance of any speaker or guest on campus is not an endorsement by the university” in a statement released in March shortly after Richards’ appearance was announced.

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In her Georgetown speech, Richards spoke about her belief that women, not politicians, should have the right to make decisions regarding abortion, sources who attended the event, which was only open to Georgetown University students, told TheDCNF.

“I can’t wait for the day that partisan politics gets out of reproductive health care in America,” Richards said, according to a tweet from Georgetown University’s student newspaper, The Hoya.

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