Wow! President Trump announced he will be building a wall at the Mexico border and will be hiring thousands of new ICE agents to protect the border. Amazing! He gave an impassioned speech that let all Americans know he’s SERIOUS about border protection!


During his speech he honored some of the families who’ve lost loved ones to illegal aliens. He said he’d gotten to know people from The Remembrance Project over his time campaigning:

“I am joined this afternoon by parents whose children were horribly killed by people who came here illegally,” Trump told the crowd. “I will now read these parents names and ask them to stand. Many of them have become friends of mine over the past two years.”

 We can’t say enough about these families and their leader Maria Espinoza.

 The Remembrance Project began as a group to call attention to the rampant occurrence of illegal aliens murdering Americans. The group has been a vocal supporter of President Trump who took the time to meet with them numerous times. The Remembrance Quilt from the group is a BIG reminder of lives lost needlessly to illegal criminals:

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