President trump delivered a barn burner of a speech to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual fundraiser. President Trump raised a record amount of $32 million for the GOP.

He delivered a speech full of funny moments where he mocked Maxine Waters for her repeated calls for his impeachment. He also hit Pelosi Democrats:

“They are all Pelosi Democrats,” Trump said, referring to the House minority leader, “weak on crime, weak on terrorism and weak on national defense.”

Fox News reports:

Apart from Pelosi, Trump singled out another California Democratic congresswoman for criticism — Maxine Waters, who he described as a “low-IQ individual.”

“You ever see Maxine Waters?” Trump asked before imitating the 79-year-old. “‘We will impeach him. We will impeach him.'”

“‘But he hasn’t done anything wrong,'” Trump continued in the guise of an interviewer. “‘It doesn’t matter. We will impeach him.’ … This is what we’re going to have to fight against.”

The president discussed upcoming elections and said he feels Republicans will keep the House.

One of the more interesting comments could be good news for Americans. It’s at the 40:10 point in the video:

…”We’re doing very, very well; and I think you’re going to have something very, very, special take place in a short period of time”…

Great speech!

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