This is the type of story that doesn’t get reported by the main stream media. The police officers that did this are caring and so kind to do this. This little boy won’t forget their kindness…I’m sure of it! The Good News Network is a fantastic resource for heartwarming stories like this one. Check it out!

When little Sam Campanella noticed the Halloween pumpkins missing from his front porch, he knew he had to call 911.

His parents tried to explain to him the number was only for emergencies, but to a six-year-old kid, stolen pumpkins at Halloween is the very definition of an emergency.

His parents dialed the Wilmington, Massachusetts Police Department business line, instead, and let Sam explain the missing gourds.

The officers listened to Sam’s official statement and a description of the Jack-O’-Lanterns, then said they’d send over a squad car to investigate. A quick collection arose at the station to surprise the little boy.

A half-hour later, three officers rolled up at Sam’s house, and they asked Sam to open their squad car. Pumpkins rolled out the door, big and small. They also bought a bag of candy to jumpstart the boy’s Halloween.

“He was completely beside himself,” Sam’s father Derek told WHDH News. “They turned it into an absolutely huge thing and it was fantastic.”
7News Boston WHDH-TV
Via: Good News Network

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