A Message From Jay Cooke:
West Bloomfield Township, MI
Oct 23, 2015 — First and foremost I would like to sincerely apologize for my remarks at the soccer game the other night. In no way was it meant to be racist or condescending. However, I realize that my words were hurtful and I cannot express how sorry I am that it was seen this way. I was in no way trying to be racist and I hope that those who perceived it as such can forgive me for this. Southfield Lathrup played a great game and I am extremely sorry for saying what I did, but I can say whole heartedly that it was not meant to be a racist in any way. With that being said, this occurrence cannot go unpunished. I have appealed my case, but regardless of my intent I do feel that I am at fault and deserving of this discipline. I will be serving an in school detention and will not be allowed to attend any fall sporting events for the remainder of their seasons. I will also attend multiple global leadership training workshops to ensure that things like this do not occur again. As a result of my appeal I will be allowed to play in my final high school football game. In no way should this be a celebration. Tomorrow night is not about me but rather the entire program as a whole. Finally, I would like to apologize again and thank everyone for their support but is time to move on from this and I am looking forward to my role in making sure this does not happen again.


Jay Cooke


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I just saw this from a Facebook friend and can’t believe this kid is being punished for something that was not at all racist.  The intent was NOT racist and if anything the opposing coach is a racist! Please read and sign the petition if you’d like to. We normally don’t do petitions but this is an exception for this young kid who does not deserve this treatment!

In the district playoff soccer game on 10/20/15, BHHS was facing South Lathrup. During the 2nd half, a player from the opposing team went to the ground with a leg cramp. Jay then proceeded to say “get that boy a banana!”, intending it to mean he needs potassium from the banana to help his cramp. However, a member from the BHHS administration was in attendance, heard the comment, and implied that he meant it in a racist manner. Because of this, Jay is being suspended from his final football game in his high school career as well as being banned from attending any other school sporting events for the rest of the school year. Speaking on behalf of the student body at BHHS, Jay is one of the most respectful and kindest kids at the school. There is no way imaginable that Jay would have intended that comment to be rude in any way, let alone racist. It is simply unfair that Jay is being punished for this comment, and deserves to have the punishment revoked so he can play in the final football game this coming Friday (10/23/15) and attend other sporting events this school year.

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UPDATE: Oct 21, 2015 — As it turns out, it was not the BHHS administration that heard the comment but the opposing team’s coach. However, the punishment still came from administration and is still very unfair and unjust. We are receiving amazing support and we can use all of the help we can get!


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