We guarantee you will love, love, love this video from Austen Fletcher aka fleccas talks. Trump supporters rallied at President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. People from all different backgrounds were interviewed and all praised the president. They believe he’s doing a great job and love how the economy is doing so well. One woman in particular thinks he’s a “gift from Heaven”…We agree!

AUSTEN FLETCHER:  These are the supporters the MSM won’t show you! At an LA Trump rally we met gays for Trump, a trans person for Trump, immigrants for Trump, and even a (at one time) illegal immigrant for Trump!

The clip from the video that’s so touching to us is one from a legal immigrant:

Legal immigrant who waited five years to move to America from Colombia praises Trump. Says he “is a gift from Heaven to our country.”

The media and Democrats don’t want you to see the positive news about Trump supporters from all backgrounds who get it and want to see a RED WAVE in November.

A few days prior to this video, Austen Fletcher went out to interview anti-Trump people who came out to President Trump’s star. See the difference:


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