Vice President Pence upped his trolling game tonight when he tweeted out a fantastic video in support of farmers after Mike Bloomberg bashed them.

The video is called ‘So God made a farmer’ and is the perfect response to Bloomberg’s disrespectful comments about them in a 2016 video (see below).


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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto played a video from 2016 of Mike Bloomberg belittling farmers and factory jobs.  Cavuto said Bloomberg claimed that the entire tape hadn’t been heard in its entirety, so Cavuto played it on-air…just to be fair.

After Cavuto plays the video, he says that he doesn’t see how this will help win votes for Bloomberg.

The panel Cavuto has on to discuss Bloomberg’s chances agree 100% with the fact that Bloomberg is wasting his money:

Independent Women’s Forum’s Patrice Lee Onwuka, B. Riley Wealth Management’s Paul Dietrich and Geltrude & Company founder Dan Geltrude say former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will have a difficult time climbing the ranks after his offensive remarks on farmers resurfaced.

Another clip:


If Bloomberg is so smart, then why is he doing this with his money?


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