At the beginning of the Fox News’ The Five show, co-host Greg Gutfeld unloaded on the white so-called BLM protesters, telling his co-hosts he has nothing in common with these white “losers” who are tearing down statues, accusing them of “poisoning” the minds of everybody.

“I don’t think words are enough anymore,” Greg Gutfeld told his co-hosts on The Five. “The gun violence in Chicago is a reality,” he said, adding, “What you’re seeing going on in America is a racial hysteria.” Gutfeld asked, “So, why is one gaining attention and the other isn’t?

“And, I believe that the worst thing a black community can do as a whole is to take advice from coddled, white, over-caffeinated, over-educated, under-experienced, left-wing individuals. Because look at the consequences—the black on black crime and gang violence is ignored but everyone’s running around tearing down statues.

“So I want to end the race war that we seem to be experiencing today, Gutfeld told his co-hosts, “I’m gonna blow your mind with this—okay?” There are more differences and conflicts between whites than there are with blacks.” He repeated himself, adding, “When you look at those pasty, white whimps out there running around, vandalizing and destroying property, I realize I have nothing in common with these laughable losers.” He continued with his rant, “And in fact, when anybody looks at the TV, they realize that they have nothing in common with these failures.”

Gutfeld explained why it’s insulting to him to have people lump him together by race with these losers, “You think that race binds us? It doesn’t bind us. I have more in common with black winners than white losers. And that’s the truth of all human beings.” He continued, “What ties us together is achievement and not grievance.”

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“So, white winners and black winners are on the same side. And stay away from the white losers because they are poisoning the minds of everybody. That will end racism if all the winners of every race and color join together and laugh at the losers.”

Juan Williams completely ignored Gret Gutfeld’s brilliant commentary, saying “Well, I’m here to defend my white brothers,” adding that “Trump’s poll numbers are cratering,” as he attempted to blame the BLM/Antifa riots on Trump.

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That’s when the fireworks began…


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