Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ just threatened world leaders to act on climate change or else…

The 16-year-old was in Turin, Italy where she spoke about how world leaders are ‘running away from their responsibilities.’

Then she said, ‘we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall’ if they do not tackle global warming.

The fearmongering teen propagandist delivered a warning:

‘It is not fair that the older generation are handing over the responsibility to solve this crisis to us young people who have not started this crisis. It’s not fair that we have to do all this. The adults are behaving as if there is no tomorrow but there is a tomorrow, it is the tomorrow where our young people will live and we have to fight for that tomorrow. We can no longer take that tomorrow for granted.’

Video below via ABC News:

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Rush Limbaugh weighed in on this young woman today saying that the left is using this 16-year-old to push their agenda. They often use kids to push policy as a strategy:

Greta Thunberg has been introduced into the political arena by the worldwide left, including the Democrat Party. They have made her a political figure. They do this on purpose.

So she’s out tweeting and politicizing, and she is free to lie and say whatever she wants to say about climate change and who’s responsible for it, and nobody is permitted to question her, you see, because she has — what did they call it? Is in the autism spectrum. So you can’t disagree. You can’t question her because she’s not well.

This is a tactic that the Democrats use. They will go out and purposely find disabled people, they will make of them prominent political figures. And when they do that, I’m sorry, if they’re gonna put disabled people or any other kind of person in the political arena, they are converting them into a political figure. As such, they’re gonna be reacted to politically. I’m sorry, I speak for myself here. But I’m not gonna lay down and ignore just because the Democrats are trying to run a trick to make all of us do just that.

And what Trump said is not particularly mean anyway. You’re 16 years ago old, what are you doing getting all riled up about that. Chill out, go to some anger management and see a movie, enjoy your life. And here come the Democrats, “How dare he. What an ogre, what a mean guy.” And they want to impeach him for stuff like this.

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Rush brought up how the media tried to destroy Nicholas Sandmann when he smiled in the face of a Native American. He did nothing wrong but was vilified by the press:

Does anybody remember the name Nick Sandmann? Name ring a bell? Come on, Brian. He’s a 16-year-old kid wearing a Make America Great hat that was confronted by the Native American named Nathan Phillips banging his war drum, and he was smiling trying to stave off any controversy, and the media tried to destroy him! The media and the Democrat Party tried to destroy Nick Sandmann and his group of kids, his buddies.

He’s now suing the Washington Post and a number of other things for defamation, a number of other things, and he’s getting farther with that than people thought. But he’s 16 years old at the time, and they tried to destroy Nick Sandmann, and they lied about the entire circumstance. He wasn’t threatening anybody. He wasn’t bullying anybody.

On the other hand, it’s hands off Greta, or else…

President Trump tweeted out a harmless bit of advice for Greta and he was slammed by the left.

Where was their concern for Nicholas Sandmann?


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