Who doesn’t love Tyrus on The Greg Gutfeld Show? In case you don’t know, he’s a WWE wrestler who has become a voice on Fox News and has a new show called “Nuff Said.” (More about Tyrus in a video below) He’s a funny, likable and politically astute addition to the Fox News lineup.

One of  FoxNews’  latest episodes of “Nuff Said” included an interview with “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington. He opened up with Tyrus about his decision to leave the Democratic Party. Washington discussed the reaction he got from the Hollywood community after publicly walking away from the Democratic Party and joining the #WalkAway movement.

“Walking away is a sacrifice. There’s a risk, and there’s a penalty for it, but you have to walk away when it matters, and the reason I chose to walk away from the Democratic party is that something doesn’t feel right.

Washington visited the White House to support President Trump’s First Step Act.

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Washington understands now that the Democrats haven’t done enough for the black community as a whole.

He’s right that nothing has changed since he was a small boy — lots of promises from politicians, but no change.


Watch Tyrus on ”Nuff said’ and on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’ on Saturday nights.


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