Former New Jersey Governor and failed 2016 Presidential candidate Chris Christie has been getting a significant amount of airtime on mainstream media outlets such as CNN since he declared his intention to run for the nomination in early June.

Since then, he has vocally attacked former President Donald Trump who is currently the Republican frontrunner in the race.

As recently as Tuesday, Christie was attacking Trump after his indictment while most of the Republican Party has rallied around him and is outraged about the blatant politicization of the US justice system.

“The problem for Donald Trump in all of this is his own conduct. He’s his own worst enemy,” Christie said. “None of this would have happened to him or to the country if he had just returned the documents.” He said.

Not to be outdone by his ridiculous attacks on Trump, Christie is now endorsing a radical left-wing social view that 70 percent of the country vehemently disagrees with.


During an interview on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ Christie came out against restrictions and bans for so-called ‘gender-affirming care’, including chemically castrating 13-year-olds with hormone therapy and sex change surgeries.

Christie is staying true to his RINO bonafides, as he signed legislation in 2017 as Governor of New Jersey that allowed children to use locker rooms and restrooms that were in line with their ‘gender identity’ rather than their biological sex.

FOX News Reports

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie argued against bans on sex change treatments for minors, while a recent poll found that a majority of voters support restrictions on children receiving the life-altering procedures.

During a segment on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, Christie was asked his thoughts on Republican governors placing more bans on gender reassignment surgeries and puberty blockers for minors in their states.

“I don’t think that the government should ever be stepping in to the place of the parents in helping to move their children through a process where those children are confused or concerned about their gender,” Christie said defending minors access to sex change procedures, despite the majority of his base having a different stance on the issue.

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