A video has gone viral of a creep in an Oregon Walmart who was taking pictures of a young girl because she wasn’t wearing a mask. When the father, David Medina, asked the man why he was taking these pictures, the weirdo replied, “So I can stay alive”.

The man in the video continued to speed walk away from Medina, clearly trying to avoid further questioning. When asked again why he was taking pictures, the man repeated, “So I can stay alive.” “So you can stay alive?” pressed Medina, “That’s why you were taking pictures of my minor daughter?”

The COVID nutcase tried to get away from Medina, horrified to let anyone get too close to him.”Oh, you’re real brave with your 90 masks on,” Medina said as the unknown man continued to hurry away.

The video then cuts to the guy as he self-scans his groceries, and Medina says to the camera, “Here he is everybody. Here’s the man who took a picture of my minor daughter because he said he was ‘scared’ because she didn’t have a mask on… Do you think that’s acceptable behavior, sir?”

The man finally responded directly to Medina, admitting he took a picture because they weren’t wearing masks. The Walmart staff then got involved and informed the man he is no longer welcome in that store. Then, as he goes to leave he hesitates because he doesn’t want to come within 6 feet of the people who are now involved in this disturbance.

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Medina steps back to let him leave and says, “We’ll make more room for you man, that’s like 9 feet right there.” The man then begins to run out, comically dodging all bystanders to maintain a distance of 6 feet because of his irrational fear of COVID, despite wearing multiple masks.

As many comments on social media pointed out, it looked like the man was mostly just carrying toilet paper, which can be easily purchased online. If he was this dramatically concerned for his health, he might have considered staying home. Rather, he felt the need to go out and attempt to shame little girls by photographing them without masks on. Hopefully, he won’t go out of his way to virtue signal anymore.

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