Gucci just committed a huge fashion gaffe with a new item in their collection. Will this “offensive” sweater (see photo below) turn fans away or will Gucci be hotter than ever?


Without a doubt, the fashion name that’s the hottest around is Gucci. With uber expensive prices, the Italian brand sells everything from perfume to tennis shoes.

The tennis shoes sell for over $500 and just look like bedazzled Adidas sneakers.

Gucci is known for its edgy style and over the top bling on just about everything.

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Remember when Kellyanne Conway wore a quirky Gucci dress to President Trump’s inauguration? It was a military style dress with a bit of whimsy.

First lady Melania Trump has also worn Gucci from time to time. She wore a beautiful Gucci dress with a yellow butterfly belt during her visit to Helsinki.


Gucci has pulled a sweater from their stores that received huge backlash for appearing as though the person wearing it is in “blackface”. Gucci also issued an apology after the sweater was pulled.

Two things to ask about this:

How could the people at Gucci not see that this would cause a backlash?

Did they know it would be controversial and that’s the reason they did it?

The person who designed this ridiculous piece of clothing should be fired. It’s offensive because it costs $890.

The “blackface” thing is getting to the point where people are interpreting everything to be blackface. This is just an ugly, overpriced sweater that resembles a balaclava. Are balaclavas (see photo below) going to be outlawed now?


Do we ban everything black on the face now because it might offend someone?

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