Guess how leftists, millennials and ‘Black Lives Matter’ morons decided to celebrate the 4th of July? Do they even know our history? Do they care? The video below is one of the best ever from Paul Joseph Watson 2016: LANGUAGE ALERT!

Paul Joseph Watson does a great job of explaining why America is great and how wrong so many leftists are on our history. From racism to genocide, Watson walks us through the misconceptions about America. Great stuff!

“And the peaceful transition of power is what sets us apart”  -Hillary Clinton, 2016 concession speech
Paul Joseph Watson brilliantly exposes the truth about the manipulation of the news by the Left. These lawless “anti-trump” protesters are being covered 24/7 by the leftist media as a recruitment tool for more angry, lawless people who are frustrated by the election results. Watson exposes the hypocrisy of the Left, and how they use the same vile tactics they falsely accuse conservatives of using to get what they want.

“You’re carrying Mexican flags while chanting, ‘Trump is not my President.’ You know that this is America right?”

***Language warning***

It’s funny that a Brit can know more about how great America is than any American citizen…

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