We can’t imagine congressmen thinking “we’d better not pass this bill. Some woman might take her top off.”…

Reporter Jonathan Allen chimed in that she still had her bra on…LOL!

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This reminds us of the topless women who showed up at Trump’s polling place on the morning of the election:

Does this tactic ever work? We think not!

Fox News reports:

The House on Tuesday approved a massive tax overhaul that would usher in steep rate cuts for American companies, double the deduction millions of families claim on their annual returns and make a host of other changes as part of the biggest rewrite of the tax code since the Reagan administration.

The bill passed on a 227-203 vote.

The $1.5 trillion bill, presuming it clears the Senate as expected, would hand President Trump his first major legislative victory just days before year’s end and the congressional recess.

A woman shouts “you’re lying” then Republicans shout “throw her ass out”

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