Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed the Parental Rights In Education bill.  The bill prevents gender and sexuality from being taught to children in kindergarten through to the third grade.  Critics have dubbed it the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

Republican lawmakers in Florida have been in a back and forth with Disney over their opposition to the bill.  Disney has promised to participate in lawsuits that aim to strike down the bill in the courts, and its workers participated in a (poorly attended) walkout in March.

Now, the RINO Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, has also come out against the bill.  He called DeSantis’s efforts to prevent the sexual grooming of children ‘absurd’ in an interview with CNN.  He also said something like the bill would never pass in Maryland.


The Daily Mail Reports




“Maryland Governor Larry Hogan attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a fellow Republican, on Sunday over the Sunshine State’s new law placing limits on discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.

Hogan dismissed the Parental Rights in Education bill — dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill by critics — as ‘absurd’ and criticized DeSantis for getting into a public spat with the Walt Disney Company over the matter.

‘I didn’t really actually see the details of the legislation, but the whole thing seems like just a crazy fight,’ Hogan told CNN’s State of the Union.

Critics of the bill say it unfairly targets LGBTQI+ youth and represses their ability to be themselves at a critical time in kids’ development.

After mounting pressure to act, Disney — which accounts for the majority of Florida’s tourism industry — publicly condemned the legislation. In response, DeSantis said last week that he would be ‘receptive’ to revoking a more than 50-year-old law granting the entertainment giant power to self-govern its Disney World property.”

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