This ad is disgusting in so many ways. The video shows a group of kids bullying and name calling another kid because his dad didn’t vote. We’ve seen these tactics used before with union members and other leftists in the Democrat Party. But at a time when schools and parents are being asked to be more vigilant about bullying, what makes this group who supports Hillary, and spends money to ensure Trump doesn’t win the election think this is okay? 

America is starting to discover through a series of Hillary’s campaign manager’s emails, and undercover videos exposing the corrupt nature of Hillary’s campaign, those who support her through various radical groups and organizations and of course, the Democratic Party.

This video, from “non-profit” Civic Innovation Works, also has a Super PAC with the same name that supports Hillary to children everywhere sends a clear message: If you know of a kid who’s parents aren’t planning to vote, it might be a good time to start bullying them…


This ad was funded by a Civic Innovation Works whose officer is the same person who is named as the treasurer on the radical Civic Innovation Super PAC. Sounds pretty harmless right? Well…actually, they’re a group who funds ads for Hillary and ads against Trump. One of their top contributors is co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz.

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The billionaire who made a fortune off of Facebook, a social media platform that was created for users of all races, ages and political backgrounds has committed to spending $20 million to defeat Trump in the upcoming election. You’ll never hear about him and his desire to affect the outcome of the election by funding a campaign against Donald J. Trump.

Here’s proof the group who is responsible for this video is a huge supporter of Hillary and is working to take down Trump:

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Daniel Hausman is the treasurer of the leftist group, Civic Innovation USA. Here are screen shots of a few of their recent expenditures. The organization that promotes bullying of kids by other kids supports Hillary:


They also spent money to defeat Trump:


How much more evidence do American voters need to see the Democratic Party is not their grandparents, or even their parents party? 

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