After weeks and weeks of the Second Amendment being shredded by anti-gun leftists pushing for strict gun control measures, there’s finally a spot of good news for those who are fighting for their right to bear arms.

Gun retailers in the state of Massachusetts filed a suit against Attorney General Maura Healey, and after an 18 month court battle, a federal judge gave the go ahead for the lawsuit to move forward.

The Washington Times is reporting:

Four firearms retailers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation originally brought the suit in September 2016, arguing that Ms. Healey overstepped her bounds in crafting what they called a vague, unenforceable directive two months earlier that cracked down on the sale of certain “copycat” semiautomatic weapons.

Ms. Healey’s office sought to have the case thrown out, arguing that her July 2016 “enforcement notice” was well within her authority and simply reaffirmed the state’s existing ban on so-called assault weapons.

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But U.S. District Judge Timothy S. Hillman recently denied the state’s motion to dismiss, saying the plaintiffs have a plausible claim that her actions could have denied them property without due process because of the new restrictions on what they were allowed to sell.

“This court cannot dismiss the plaintiffs’ challenge to the notice because they have raised genuine questions as to whether it gives ‘fair notice of conduct that is forbidden’ with respect to the sale of certain weapons enumerated in the complaint,” Judge Hillman wrote in his order.

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The plaintiffs in the suit want a permanent injunction put in place to block Healey and her office from being able to enforce the ban.

It’s critical for not only gun retailers to be taking these sort of measures, but for all supporters of the Second Amendment to get involved and fight for their right to own weapons that allow them to defend life, liberty, and property from both tyrannical government and diabolical criminals.

If this means more lawsuits being filed against states that are implementing gun control laws, then that’s what must be done. After all, without the right to bear arms, the government can easily take away our right to a fair trial, freedom of speech, protection from unlawful search and seizures, and so on.

Without the Second Amendment, you can’t protect the others.

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