Only .3% of Americans identify as “transgender,” yet Democrat lawmakers in their effort to pander for votes from the broader LGBTQ community, have replaced a POW-MIA flag that has long been a symbol of the 2,646 men and women reported lost or missing in the horrific Vietnam war, of which 1,597 are still missing.

According to the Washington Free Beacon – Multiple Democratic offices on Capitol Hill have replaced their flags memorializing prisoners of war with transgender pride flags, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The changes came at the urging of the National Center for Transgender Equality, which is delivering flags to congressional offices in advance of International Transgender Day of Visibility. Among the members to make the switch was Rep. Kim Schrier (D., Wash.), who replaced the POW flag she had displayed outside her office with a transgender pride flag.

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Schrier’s office told the Washington Free Beacon that the POW-MIA flag has not been removed permanently.

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“We were asked to fly the Transgender Equality flag by the National Center for Transgender Equality this week ahead of Transgender Visibility Day on Sunday,” a spokesperson for the office said. “Our POW-MIA flag has been in the Congresswoman’s office this week. And will be back outside our office tomorrow.”

Before and after photos show Democrat US Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) with the POW-MIA flag in the background. The next photo shows the POW-MIA flag has been replaced with a transgender flag.

Staffers from the office of Rep. Pete Aguilar (D., Calif.) were spotted attempting to pull their office’s POW flag out of its stand on Wednesday. A source told the Washington Free Beacon that Aguilar’s office initially tried to remove the POW flag, was unsuccessful, then managed to remove it soon after.

The picture below shows the pink, white, and blue transgender flag on the right side of the door of Aguilar’s office.

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