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Being a cop in America has never been more difficult…Thanks Obama…

A police officer who shot himself after being linked to Ashley Madison was not a user of it and was the victim of a smear published on a cop-hating blog, Daily Mail Online can reveal.
Captain Michael Gorhum’s official San Antonio police email address was published in a purported list of Ashley Madison users on a website called Cop Block, which carries material highly critical of police.

On the day he learned that he was on the published list, and as colleagues also learned about his presence on the Cop Block site, he took his own life, shooting himself in the parking lot of the church where he worshiped with his wife and two children.
An investigation is underway to establish how the internet ‘shaming’ may have contributed to his death. His widow said he had been under unrelated ‘stress’ at work for some time beforehand.


Evidence: This was the address – which is the correct one for the office – which was published on August 20 by Cop Block. Hours later, the officer took his own life


family of cop

Mourning: Capt Michael Gorhum’s widow Darlene, an elementary school principal who was his high school sweetheart, leavers St John’s Lutheran Church in San Antonio today at the end of his funeral service

However Daily Mail Online can disclose that his email address is not in the leaked database of Ashley Madison which helps arrange extra marital affairs.
In fact it was only published on August 20 on one obscure chat forum before being repeated later that day by Cop Block, a website which purports to highlight police ‘abuse and corruption’, and which is run by an anarchist who calls himself ‘Ademo Freeman’.

His real name is Adam Mueller and the 33-year-old lives in Mayville, Wisconsin.

He refused to disclose how he had obtained the purported list of official .gov email addresses, but it does not correspond to others published elsewhere, or to the full leak of the Ashley Madison data, which has been seen by Daily Mail Online.

It also contains some obvious errors, including foxmulder@fbi.gov – a reference to the X Files, potus@us.gov, orackbobama@whitehouse.gov, hildabeast@whitehouse.gov and yoda@irs.gov.

The spoof emails raises serious questions over whether Capt. Gorhum may have been framed or even the victim of a joke that went wrong.


Anarchist: This is Adam Mueller, who calls himself Ademo Freeman, and is the founder of police-hating website Cop Block. He said he was exercising his first amendment rights by publishing Capt Gorhum’s address along with thousands of others, some obviously absurd

What is clear, however, is that when Capt. Gorhum’s name was published, he was devastated and his colleagues quickly became aware of his presence on it.

Colleagues said the officer learned of his email inclusion from Cop Block and the word spread among San Antonio officers, although most doubted he would have enrolled for its services.

One officer said: ‘I have been told by several other officers who have heard the same and checked it on that blog.

‘Everybody was shocked and reacted the same with “No. Not Mike…never.”

‘But when I logged on it only took me a few seconds to find his email. I hadn’t seen it anywhere else.

cop hater pic

Website: This is his Cop Blocker presented the Ashley Madison list, leaving no room for doubt in the minds of people who saw it that they believed them to be true. But Capt Gorhum’s address is not in other published lists of .gov addresses in the Ashley Madison database and his name is not in records search by Daily Mail Online

‘And whoever was responsible for publishing his email address attached to being a cheater, and brought ridicule on him, has his blood on their hands.’

His widow issued a brief statement, telling the San Antonio Express News her husband ‘experiencing stress entirely related to issues at work that had no connection to the data leak’.

She added that he ‘never had a paid account with Ashley Madison’ and said: ‘He knew I would support him. I do, and I continue to do so.’

Friends also said he may have been suffering from depression and had concealed it from his associates and colleagues before the internet shame pushed him over the edge.

San Antonio police confirmed it would ‘gladly’ support an investigation into whether the publication of an email address which leads to a person taking his own life might be a criminal act.


The man who runs the Cop Block site – a 33-year-old self-proclaimed ‘keyboard warrior’ refused to take any blame for the death.

Mueller is an anarchist who has been photographed with ‘F*** the police’ signs, and who set up the Cop Block website to ‘highlight abuse’.

He calls himself a ‘victim of the war on drugs’ as he has two convictions for drug possession.

The anarchist, originally from Wisconsin, where he had a real estate license, and now living in Cleveland, Ohio, regularly updates both Cop Block and Facebook with anti-police tirades and posts news reports of police shootings and alleged excessive force.

In one message over a photograph of a wrecked police car, he has the message: ‘The news calls it an accident. I call it karma.’

For entire story: UK Daily Mail


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