This guy opened his mouth and proved us all right. He’s a total jerk who hates America.

This guy is a typical limousine liberal who’s so hateful it’s beyond belief. He’s on Facebook ranting about how much he hates America and Americans: Jim Fergie Chambers 


In the East Atlanta Village neighborhood, the EAV Barbell Club is known as the one owned by the guy who hates cops.

His policy? Police officers and members of the military are not welcome to work out at EAV Barbell Club. The self-proclaimed radical said he believes police officers are violent henchmen of the state.

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So what does he have against military personnel?

“My belief is that the American state, the American empire is the most destructive and sadistic force the world has ever seen,” Chambers said. “What our army does is evil, so I don’t want to make somebody strong so they can go kill Yemenis and North Koreans, period.”

Ever since the story began to circulate, Chambers said he’s gotten a lot of angry phone calls. He said some people have threatened his life.

“I’d say during peak hours I’ll get a death threat about every 15 seconds,” Chambers said.

On the gym’s Facebook page, most of the posts are not appropriate for television, but one post sums up general sentiment: “I hope your stupid little sign was worth it. You started something now.”

Chambers is independently wealthy. He confirmed to me he’s the great-grandson of the founder of communications giant Cox Enterprises, which owns the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV, among other businesses.

We asked Chambers if he would consider calling the police to report the death threats he’s received.

“Absolutely not, under no circumstances,” he said. “I would feel more unsafe in their presence.”


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