The study below is shocking in and of itself, but the fact that the media continues to hide the fact that a large majority of refugees fleeing to these european nations are young and middle-aged men is even more shocking. Why would any european nation want to take a massive number of male refugees into their cities and small communities who find nothing wrong with raping or beating women and young girls? An even bigger question would be, “Why are liberal women in the US fighting so hard to bring these unvetted refugees into America?”


AROUND 70 per cent of female refugees in northern France have been the victims of rape, domestic violence or sexual abuse, the French charity Gynecology Without Borders (GSF) reports.

Women became “immune” to sexual violence and abuse.

The horror statistics were revealed yesterday by the group which used to operate at the now-demolished Jungle camp in Calais.

calais migrant group

It said many women suffered daily attacks.

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Richard Matis, the charity’s vice president, said: “Refugee camps worldwide are plagued by violence, that is a fact.

“But women are usually found to be more at risk of rape and other forms of sexual assault.”

christian jungle refugee

The charity, which now treats female migrants ‘stuck’ in the sprawling Grande-Synthe tent camp in neighbouring Dunkirk, added the women were raped and beaten on a “daily basis,” and had become “immune” to sexual violence and abuse.

Mr Matis added: “Some women were repeatedly raped during the perilous journey to Europe.

young girls refugee

“Others are trapped in abusive marriages. And some women are pimped out by their husbands and forced into so-called ‘survival sex’ with people smugglers so that their families can continue traveling across Europe.”

For entire story: Express UK

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