Alert! Alinsky tactics at work here! Remember “Pick a Target?”…Well, the media and Deep State have picked their target…

Breitbart News has been exposing H.R. McMaster so now the media and Deep State are going hard after Steve Bannon…EVEN HARDER THAN THEY HAD BEEN BEFORE. The media and politicians have been targeting Bannon since the election. They’ve been calling him all of the usual names like “Nazi” or “White Supremacist”. They’re clearly afraid of Bannon because he has the media and the left figured out just like Breitbart did. We’re hoping Bannon won’t get squeezed out by Kelly and McMaster! This could cause a HUGE policy shift for the Trump presidency. Not good, not good at all for Trump supporters who want America back after 8 awful years of Obama.

White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster repeatedly refused  say whether he could work with chief strategist Steve Bannon Sunday on “Meet The Press,” dodging the question three times! Three times! This is a Deep State wake up call!


Did you notice that Scaramucci went after President Trump today? AND Steve Bannon? Yes, he was on the morning shows letting it rip on those two!

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Axios reported Saturday that Bannon has entered President Donald Trump’s doghouse and that top officials believe he’s part of leaks meant to target McMaster. Bannon was previously executive chairman of Breitbart, and the right-wing website has published a series of stories attacking McMaster in recent weeks.


New Chief of Staff John Kelly has said he will not tolerate the infighting and anonymous comments to the media that characterized predecessor Reince Priebus’ tenure, according to Politico.

Earlier in the interview, host Chuck Todd asked what was “going on” between him and Bannon. McMaster dismissed the saga as “a lot of noise” and didn’t mention Bannon’s name.

At the end of the interview, Todd repeatedly asked McMaster if he could work together with Bannon, but McMaster wouldn’t answer.

“Can you and Steve Bannon still work together in this White House or not?” Todd asked.

“I get to work together with a broad range of talented people, and it is a privilege every day to enable the national security team,” McMaster said.

“You didn’t answer. Can you and Steve Bannon work in that same White House?” Todd asked.

“I am ready to work with anybody who will help advance the president’s agenda and advance the security, prosperity of the American people,” McMaster said.

“Do you believe Steve Bannon does that?” Todd asked.

“I believe that everyone who works in the White House, who has the privilege, the great privilege every day of serving their nation, should be motivated by that goal,” McMaster said.



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