The 2016 failed Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is set to release the first episode of her podcast later this month, CNN reported Tuesday.

The first episode of Clinton’s podcast, called “You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton,” will be released on September 29, according to iHeartMedia, the company producing the series. The news from series producer iHeartMedia comes months after the show’s initially planned release date, with Politico reporting in February that the podcast was set to begin airing in the spring.

Interviews will include comedian Sarah Cooper, who has become known for her mocking posts for President Donald Trump; Gloria Steinem, the famed feminist and equal rights activist; Stacey Abrams, the former 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate; and Tan France, one of the hosts of Queer Eye.

The production company said Clinton will comment on “pressing political issues of our time” and “will tackle the subjects on so many people’s minds, including topics like faith, resilience, and grief.”

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Conal Byrne, president of the iHeartPodcast Network, said that the company is “delighted to partner with her on this project.”

Byrne said the podcast “will provide listeners with an astute, nuanced look at what’s happening in the world right now — and Hillary is the perfect moderator for those discussions.”

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People Magazine on Tuesday said that the title of the upcoming 24-episode podcast, which Clinton recorded from her home in New York, comes from the public figure’s reflections on the current political climate, particularly amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Over the last few years, when people would talk to me about a concern of theirs or a problem that they faced, I found myself saying, ‘Well, you and me both!'” Clinton told People. “It became a catch phrase to sum up that a lot of us are worried about the same things and going through the same experiences.”

Earlier this month, a spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation told Deadline that former President Bill Clinton is also preparing to launch his own podcast early next year.

Clinton Foundation Communications and Marketing Chief Craig Minassian said at the time that the show would highlight Bill Clinton’s “wide-range of interests and well-known intellectual curiosity through conversations about the ideas and events that continue to shape his work and our world.”

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