It’s always a win-win when you can find a hobby you enjoy, especially when it allows you to get some exercise and enjoy the nice summer weather. This retired Marine hit the jackpot by finding a way to keep himself entertained and fit during retirement: trolling New York liberals by boat.

Nearly every day, Dion Cini will row down the Hudson River while flying a “Trump 2020” flag to incite the frustration of New Yorkers, a group who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton this past election.

This retired Marine can’t get enough of the responses he gets from people who spot him rowing around Manhattan. “Sometimes you hear ‘I hope you get hit by a boat! I hope you drown!” he said. “From the top of their lungs as loud as they can. It can be from the edge of the river. It can be from cars driving by on the river. It can be from windows. I get it all the time and then I get it even on rooftop bars.”

Cini calls himself an “ultra-conservative” and thinks that Americans need a “wake-up call.”  He said, “I call it tough love. (President) Trump is tough love.” Cini recalled being told to leave Washington Square Park with his flag because it was “not conservative land” but he vowed that no one would stop him.

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Luckily, these angry New Yorkers haven’t swayed Cini one bit. He’s considering getting a bigger flag spanning twenty feet. And a bigger boat. Despite his retirement, it’s inspiring to see that this Marine’s devotion to patriotism hasn’t wavered.

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